About me


Hello Everyone, My name is Nicole Kaspar and the very first thing I'd like to do is thank you so very much for checking out my website!!!! 


Photography is my hobby and my passion!! In the early days, I had a half decent point and shoot camera given to me by my sister and with it, I started to photograph the children in my life. I had never intended to pursue photography, but greatly enjoyed capturing moments of all the beautiful little people around me. After posting some photos on Facebook, I immediately received a request to photograph a wedding!! I was shocked, scared, nervous, excited, and most of all flattered. And that is where my photography journey began.


My life has grown since the early days of my journey as I am now a wife to my best friend, Nathan, and mom to our gorgeous son, Nash!


I hope to capture the beautifully unique personalities of you and/or your loved ones!


Please check out my Gallery or feel free to Contact me for an inquiry.


Thank you for stopping by